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Imagine only using pure ingredients on your skin. No add ons.



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Giving the power back to you

Our products are made with high performance ingredients in powder form, which only become "active" when mixed with water. No add ons. Only pure ingredients. Each product can be customized to suit your indyvidual needs depending on how your skin feels.

~Alexandra, Founder~

Pure Ingredients

We only use ingredients that are necessary and which your skin will benefit from. No nasty add-ons.

Hand made

Our products are hand mixed in small batches, so we know exactly what goes in.

Plant Based

We only use highest quality, pure plant based ingrediesnt. We are against animal cruelty.

Face masks


Got my facemask, amazing wrapping - didn't want to open it lol Tried this purple one so far, but looking forward using others.


The packaging is amazing and it arrived quickly. Fantastic facemask, felt really great in my skin.


They are all so pretty, I tried the purple and blue one as well and love them all! Getting better with application, beautiful creamy texture and skin feels so soft. Definitely worth buying!


Absolutely love this product! I knew from the first use that I will be ordering it again...This mask works so well, it brings life and hydration to my face.


Great quality facemask, my skin felt lovely and soft. Had fun mixing it and really loved the rose petals, very beautiful touch. Will be ordering more soon!


Oh my gosh! These masks are so pretty!! I am totally obsessed! This blue and the flowers look so stunning, my skin felt amazing. I cannot wait to try another variant. Thank you!


I have used this mask a couple of time now and it leaves my skin feeling great- se clean and soft. It has also minimized the appearance and size of blemishes and pores.


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